the girls

Many of the GEE Nepal girls have parents who are, or have been, in jail. This is because GEE operates as a special project under Prisoners’ Assistance Nepal (PA Nepal). Prisoners in Nepal are among the most vulnerable people – they are stigmatized by neighbours, villagers and family members, and their families face enormous financial and emotional hardship. This fits perfectly with GEE’s vision of wanting to help vulnerable and disadvantaged girls in Nepal. To qualify for our sponsorship programme a child needs to fulfill three conditions: to be a female, to be from verified underprivileged background, & currently not attending school. 

Further information and photos of the girls will be sent to the relevant sponsors who agree to financially support a girl.


Our GEE Nepal program works in 3 different regions across Nepal:

1) Kathmandu

                        2) Saptari (East Nepal)         

               3) Jhapa (East Nepal)   


Their stories

Below are some stories of girls in the GEE Nepal Program, which provide examples of how giving girls the opportunity to gain an education can drastically change their lives for the better.


sunita thapa magar

"I wouldn't be able to study and work towards my dream to study languages if it weren't for the sponsorship I receive from GEE. After the 2015 Earthquake in Kathmandu my home was damaged and my family had to start over with little to nothing. GEE also provided blankets, food and temporary shelter in the time that our home was being fixed. 

Thanks to your support I am now applying for a visa to continue studying languages in Australia or Cyprus and I can look forward to what my future holds."



“I would have married young and had lots of children. I would only be a housemaid and I wouldn’t have future planning. At school we learn lots of things and plan our future. I plan to be a good teacher and help children to be able to help others. GEE Nepal has helped me and so now I want to help others. I know others don’t have a chance but I want to encourage poor people into valuing education.”


Binita karki

"Thanks to GEE Nepal I am able to study towards achieving my dream of working in the medical field as nurse. I am now in my final year of my Nursing course and am so thankful I can be where I am today, helping other people in my community through my profession because of your support. 

From the bottom of my heart, Thank you."