Currently, only 40% of Nepali girls are educated beyond Primary School level.
-The World’s Women (2010)

GEE Nepal was inspired by GEN, a successful Girls Education Program working in Nepal for 10 years. Based on the same principles, GEE Nepal is an official registered charity in New Zealand (CC54135), operating in Nepal. Our mission is to provide vulnerable girls with education scholarships so that they can go to school, which they otherwise wouldn't have the opportunity to. In a nation where the trafficking industry is alive and active we see education as being the ticket of hope where our girls can flourish into young women and rise above these issues. 

Nepal is ranked among the top 10 poorest countries in the world and a 1/4 of its population live below the poverty line. Almost half of the Nepali people are unemployed and currently 70% of children start school but only 7% reach the 10th school year and take part in the Secondary School Examination (SSE). The national literacy rate is 66% and for women it is 57%. As in many Asian countries boys are favoured over girls with the ratio of boys to girls in Nepali primary and secondary school being almost 2:1, in favour of boys.

We believe that every girl should have the right to go to school as the whole family benefits when the mother is educated. Research shows that families of literate and educated mothers have higher standards of hygiene, lower birth rates and an increased likelihood of children attending school. We call this the 'ripple effect' and it is our ultimate goal! 

meet Our Team


We have 7 incredible staff working in our 3 different regions across Nepal. Their hearts beat for social change for women, making them key and well-respected people in their communities.

Alannah Wesche

Program Director


Sagar Magar

Program Coordinator (Kathmandu)


Yogesh Tamang


Program Coordinator (Jhapa) 


Indira Ranamagar

Key Strategic Partner


Hari Karki




Sudarshan Chaudhary

Program Coordinator (Saptari)


Sunita Manandhar

Program C0ordinator (Kathmandu)


Ranjit Pariyar


Program Coordinator (Jhapa)


Pio de la Fuente

Media Advisor / Photographer